Pauw's Introduction to the Blog

At Just Advice Solutions we help and advise clients on how to protect themselves and their families and minimise the financial impact of death, diagnosis of a serious illness or being unable to work through illness or accident.

Clients typically pay for these types of cover on a monthly basis and see the benefits of the policy they have taken out when they make a successful claim.

PTs can and do have a dramatic effect on the health and wellbeing of their Clients and we want to support and encourage our clients to live a healthier lifestyle and protect themselves from the impacts of life changing events. Vitality can provide our clients with a range of protection options and at the same time reward them for being active.

Every week I look at my personal Vitality journey and that of my Client’s.

What I want to do is continue to make the connection between the hard work in the gym and the difference we can make to our Clients lives.

I show my Clients how the policy works, how we get rewarded and how it helps keep clients accountable to achieve their goals. Exercise is a catalyst for change in people’s lives and we are key to helping them start and stay on that journey.


anthony flack